Welcome to my new Blog, a dialog about education…the challenges, the triumphs, what’s new and next!

As President and CEO of Education is Freedom (EIF), I am always thinking about the important work of getting our students to graduate from high school, fully prepared to get into an institution of higher learning and to succeed in college.  The ideal of going to college sounds rather simple on the surface, so many of us take for granted that everyone can and would go to college if they “just” had drive and ambition.  But, what I know first-hand is that the road to success in college is far more difficult.

In fact, according research, without the necessary skills and support, an “A” student is just as likely as a “D” student to drop out of college.  Did you know this?   Until recently,  it was news to me too.  I want to use this platform to share the facts behind truths like this, to share enlightening stories about EIF students (we have many success stories to inspire) and to converse with you on the key issues of the day related to education.

Please read my Blog and as important, please share your thoughts too.  It’s a dialog, but that only works if all the parties engage in the discussion.

Best regards,

Marcia Page

CEO & President