Greatness Needs Guidance

It’s imperative for every student to see the greatness that lies within. A student can come in to our college and career center and say, “I want to go to school, but I’m not sure for what” or “I want to join the army because I’m not sure what I want to do after high school.” The lack of motivation is easy to see, so bringing out what each student is passionate about is a must.

Once they realize what they want in life, they create plans for themselves that bring much more reward to them. What started as an unsure plan can easily turn into, “I want to get a bachelor’s in engineering, join the army, go back to school to become a certified welder and open up my own welding company.” The possibilities and paths are endless as long as they recognize their capabilities.

No matter what obstacle is being faced or what opportunity has opened up, the road to success is daunting. Once a student has completed a degree course, certification or training and chosen an established career, they have a better understanding of how great they can be. But during a student’s years in middle school and high school, his or her personal view of greatness is blurred. During that crucial time period, we are present to ensure that every student is able to find the greatness within him or herself and navigate the path that will help them figure out how to leverage their inner passions, knowledge and skills to create a great future for themselves.

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