Is College Worth It?

You begin school from the age of five and continue to at least the age of 17. During those years, you are exposed to careers that require higher education and specialized schooling. When you finally get to your last years in high school, you begin to question whether or not you will be attending a college or university. There’s one question that many students might analyze: is college worth it?

A common reason for one to graduate college is to get a good paying job. Although studies have found that on average college graduates earn $1 million more in their lifetime than high school graduates, not everyone likes to focus on income. If you’re one of those people, here are some additional reasons why college is worth it:

  1. More opportunities: After receiving a degree in specified major, you have now opened more opportunities. Anytime someone enters a new industry, it doesn’t always go as planned. It can lead to leaving that job and trying to find a new path to success. With a college degree, you have something to fall-back on instead of starting from scratch.
  2. Family Assistance: Even though money isn’t the primary focus, it can offer an opportunity to help loved ones. Because you can earn more money with a college degree, you’re able to support family with any financial struggles.
  3. Pave The Path: If you’re a first generation college graduate, you have a chance to be a role model. Whether you have younger siblings, cousins or friends, being a college graduate goes a long way in the eyes of others and inspires them to follow your footsteps.
  4. Cultural exposure: Colleges and Universities bring in students from various backgrounds. Instead of learning about people with different beliefs or practices in an article or book, you get a first hand experience by interacting with these people on a daily basis. This allows you to have a better understanding of the cultures that surround us.
  5. Networking: Not only does a college degree open more doors for you when it comes to applying for a job, but the people you meet can offer new opportunities as well. It can make the job search easier and it can also offer opportunities you weren’t even considering.
  6. Expanding your limits: College is not easy. The work piles up and is extremely time consuming. Juggling school, work and your social life becomes exhausting. While you’re doing that, you learn to manage your time, finances and work in a much more efficient manner.

It is true; a college degree can allow you to earn more money in your lifetime. But if you aren’t worried about making an endless amount of money, there is much more to higher education. Your opportunities increase allowing you to have more options. Your chances of helping your family as well as beginning the road to higher education increase. Your interpersonal skills improve which allows you to interact with people in a much more positive, respectful manner. You will meet people that can help you achieve and exceed your goals. You will learn life lessons that can help you deal with situations in an effective manner. These reasons as well as many more are great examples as to why college is worth it.

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